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Welcome to the IBExpert documentation site, where you will find a wealth of information regarding Firebird and the IBExpert Developer Studio tools. Context-sensitive help can be started directly from IBExpert using the [F1] key for menu items, windows and SQL keywords. Or view our tutorial video series on or in our learning center. If you have any comments or questions regarding the documentation, or wish to contribute your own articles, please mail

Important: All information contained in this documentation has been compiled with the utmost care. Nevertheless it is not possible to completely rule out incorrect information. IBExpert Ltd, the authors and the translators are not liable for any errors and their consequences.

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Interbase® Documentation

The complete range of InterBase 6.0 documentation is available for download at the IBPhoenix website:

The full range of InterBase documentation since version 7.5 can be found at the Embarcadero website

Firebird/Interbase® Character Sets