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Test Data Generator

The IBExpert Test data generator can be found in the IBExpert Tools menu. (This feature is unfortunately not included in the free IBExpert Personal Edition.)

Data options

A database connection must already exist. Select the database for which test data is to be generated, if more than one database is connected. To generate data for a specific table, select the table, then select the number of data sets to be generated. Over 100,000 data sets are not a problem for IBExpert here, even when working locally, although it may take a little time. Click on the individual fields and specify the contents on the right. It is possible to specify the following:

Data Generation Type: options here include:

  • Generate randomly: User-defined constraints include the following:
    • Integer: the minimum and maximum value.
    • Float: check option Fixed Float Number, and user specification of number of digits and level of precision.
    • String: the minimum and maximum length; the range of characters within the character set which may be used for the data content.
    • Date: the minimum and maximum date, and a check option, whether a time slice should also be included.
  • Get from another table: Specify table, field and number of records. This is a useful way of generating test data for a foreign key field.
  • Get from a list: A list can be typed or pasted in the panel.
  • Autoincrement: This option is of course only offered for integral fields, and enables the developer to specify an initial value, and the interval (step).

Initial support of DECFLOAT / NUMERIC(38) fields (Firebird 4) was added in IBExpert version 2020.01.06.

Finally execute (green > icon or [F9]), and watch the counter generate the test data.

The data can be viewed in the Table Editor on the Data page:


An IBEBlock is automatically created, which can be used to generate test data.